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PAX, A First Time Goers Review: by Carissa

Carissa’s Review of Pax:

First glimpse, completely overwhelming and exhilarating.  Thursday was PAX’s first 4 day event and it was the best day for a first timer.  There were barely any lines to play games and talk to Indie makers and even student developers.  Outside of the AAA titles which always have a line, the highlight was the Indie section.  My only regret was not having more time to play Indie stuff.  The big companies had really fun giveaways (like the cat toy my friend won).  Everyone was super friendly.  What stood out to me; as someone primarily only NYCC experience; was the community aspect.  Now it may exist and I just don’t know about it, but there are so many things to do at NYCC that you are really focused on getting to your panels and hitting up your favorite booths and picking up free books.  Here it was way more chillax.  It was like “Hey you like gaming? So do I! Let’s play something together.Are you looking for a new game?  Here, I'll recommend something for you.  We're all gamers here, let's be cool together.”  I thoroughly enjoyed it and wondered why I hadn’t done this before.  My initial hypothesis is that the best way to enjoy PAX is to either go with a group of friends and play games or try to meet many new people while trying new games.  Community is everything at PAX.

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