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Greetings to everyone out there in the NerdSpork Universe! My name is Mike, and I welcome you into the madness that is this blog! I hope you enjoy this "first peek", as well as my future entries. I'm looking forward to sharing my opinions and experiences with you, whether it's about movies, TV shows/cartoons, sports, a vacation, a convention, or whatever else is out there that I feel like blabbing about.

Growing up and into my teenage years, I had many interests. I loved watching cartoons (Bugs Bunny and other Warner Bros. cartoons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Animaniacs, the Simpsons, etc.). The cartoon series I saw growing up that I believe, in my opinion, is the best cartoon ever made was Batman: the Animated Series. I also played many video games. I had an Atari 7800 and also a SEGA (I would go to friends' houses to play on their Nintendo systems). I lost track of the number of hours I spent playing Shinobi and Reggie Jackson Baseball. I wasn't a huge movie buff back then, but I always enjoyed a good movie or two. My favorites were usually comedies, especially any of the Mel Brooks movies, and I loved the 007 movies.

I also played a lot of sports, especially baseball and basketball. I came from a family that believed in participation in sports (and other activities to keep us occupied and out of trouble!)

Today, I'm in a different place in many ways - I'm gainfully employed in the transportation field, I'm in a serious relationship with a beautiful, smart, funny, and compassionate woman, I've sprouted a couple of gray hairs - and while my interests have expanded because of my experiences in my relationship and with my job, not to mention because I'm getting older, I still feel like the young kid who wants to rush home to watch cartoons or play video games. So while many of my childhood interests are still there, with all of the crap and stress that most adults face on a daily basis, it's now even more important - hell, even truly necessary - to make time for them.

I'm sure you will agree with some of what I write about, and I'm sure you'll disagree at times too, but I hope that if nothing else, each blog I post will provide another viewpoint on a topic and spark discussion. If this happens, I feel like "mission accomplished".

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