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Episode 50: Mistressed and the Milestone 50

Episode 50: Mistressed and the Milestone 50. Today the guys celebrate their 50th episode with their special guest, Twitch Streamer and Gfuel Influencer Manager Mistressed. The guys sit with Mistressed to talk about how she became an Influencer Manager for Gfuel, traveling to different parts of the U.S. and U.K. to attend video gaming conventions (like E3, PAX, EVO), how she got into Twitch Streaming, and famous streamers she has met.

Check out her Twitch channel:

Twitter: @mistressed_

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Episode 49: Jerel's Play Accepted into The New York New Works Festival!

Episode 49: Jerel's Play Accepted into The New York New Works Festival!  In this special episode, Al and Jerel have a one-on-one post conversation about the two night showing of Jerel's play, Angels at Work held at the Kraine theater.  Jerel and Al give their review of the play, Jerel tells us a story on how difficult it was to cast certain parts in the play, how NerdSpork was represented in the Playbill, and Angels at Work being accepted into The New York New Works Festival!

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Episode 48: Flashback Episode Part 3 - Honesty, Marriage, Video Games, and Strippers?

Episode 48: Flashback Episode Part 3 - Honesty, Marriage, Video Games, and Strippers?  In this flashback episode, the guys travel back 2 years ago, two weeks before Mario and Geenie tied the knot to discuss how they met, what video games they like to play together, our family dog Girlie getting her tail caught between the door frame--No worries! She is okay and so is her tail--sounded worse than it actually was.  The guys also provide Mario some marriage tips (LOL!), as well as discuss Al's bachelor party experience.

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Episode 47: Awesome Mike!

Episode 47: Awesome Mike!  The guys introduce their new friend, "Fighter Mike", "He-Man Mike", "Wolverine Mike", "God Mike", or just Mike.  He talks to the guys about his passion--Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, winning 1st place in the NAGA (National American Grappling Association) tournament, knocking out opponents, breaking his ankle during a match, meeting members of the Gracie family and sparing with them, as well as his training and diet regimen before a fight.  He also shows us his NAGA Championship belt!  He truly is...Awesome!

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Episode 46: Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Review

Episode 46: Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Review.  We discuss Steve Ditko's passing who was one of the co-creators of Spider-man,  Our friend Jerel's whereabouts, watching the movie back at the Alamo Drafthouse, try to figure out where in the timeline this movie fits in with Avengers Infinity War. Guess how many times the guys say the word "light." The first half is SPOILER FREE.

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Episode 40: Our Visit to Pax East 2018!

Episode 40: Our Visit to Pax East 2018!  The guys go to Pax East in Boston.  We discuss our time at the Boston Convention Center for Pax East, Pickle Vic gives a quick movie review of Isle of Dogs, we discuss planning a trip to Pax West, planning a visit to Funko Pop headquarters, and Al discusses the time when he called in as a guest on a friends Youtube show.  We discuss this an more while Al tries to fix Evil Ray's mic.

Check out our video clip of our time at Pax East on our Adventures page:

We created a Youtube page as well!

Visit our Blah Blah Blogs section where our good friend Carissa wrote about her first experience at Pax East 2018.

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Episode 35: Red Flags!

Episode 35: Red Flags! It's February and love is in the air.  The guys invite Gen, Carissa, Mattea and Rimi to play a card game called Red Flags, the game of terrible dates.  In this game the guys will draw cards, pick their best attributes, and try to win a date with one of the lovely ladies. However the guys will also be provided a red flag card which could ruin their attributes.  Now the guys argue why the single lady should pick their character to date and reject the other candidates.  Which one of the guys will win in the end? Find out!

Red Flags created by Darin Ross; Skybound.

If you like this game please visit their website and check out their products.

Background music:

"let's Do it" -- Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

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