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Episode 25: Beers and Cheers!

Episode 25: Beers and Cheers!  In this milestone 25th episode, we invite Jay, our special guest,  who is very knowledgeable of beers and even brews his own.  Jay was kind enough to educate the guys on the different types of beers, beer percentages, the properties of the different beers, and finally taste test each one that he recommended that we had on site.  On a side note, the guys where hung over the following day.

The beer with tasted (chugged!)

1) Victory Prima Pils --- ABV 5.3%

2) Sierra Pale Ale --- ABV 5.6%

3) Hi Res Triple IPA --- ABV 10.5%

4) Belgium Ommegang Abbey Ale -- ABV 8.2%

5) Weyerbacker Merry Monks Triple Ale --- ABV 9.3%

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Episode 24: Jerel's Trip to Japan, The Eclipse, and The Best He-man Video Game

Episode 24: Jerel's Trip to Japan, The Eclipse, and The Best He-man Video Game.  The guys discuss Jerel's trip to Japan, and his first time visit to VR ZONE in Shinjuku Japan.  The guys also discuss the next Batman movie, the eclipse, and the best He-man video game they found surfing the net.

VR Zone:

NOTE: The He-man game is free to download (at your own risk).  The game can be located on many different websites, just do a search for "Flash He-man game."

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Episode 23: Batman Almost Got'em!

Episode 23: Batman Almost Got'em!.  The guys play a card game called Batman The Animated Series Almost Got'em by Cryptozoic Entertainment.  This game is based on Batman The Animated series episode called Almost Got'em, where all Batman's rogues are gathered together playing poker, swapping stories on how they almost killed Batman that one time, but what they don't know is that Batman is hiding among them in disguise.  The object of this game is to figure out which of us is Batman in disguise.

If you like this game, please check Cryptozoic's other games at

Free to use sound affects links:

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Episode 21: Superfight!

Episode 21: Superfight!  The entire crew is here this time to play a card game called Superfight! created by Skybound. Each competitor creates a Super Powered Being to face off against another based on randomly chosen cards.  Each competitor will present their argument as to why their Super Powered Being will win.  Who will win the Superfight! 

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