A place to discuss all things nerdy...

A place to discuss all things NERDY.. We are a group of not so random idiots who love and live nerd culture.  You love video games, HELL we love video games!  You love movies, comics, music, sports...We love it too!

Anything that Sporks (Sparks!) your interest, we're all about it!






Rancor has a mean splitter...

 Gen's Pax swag....

Gen's Pax swag....

 Keep it casual Pickle Vic...

Keep it casual Pickle Vic...

Episode 40: Our Visit to Pax East 2018!  The guys go to Pax East in Boston.  We discuss our time at the Boston Convention Center for Pax East, Pickle Vic gives a quick movie review of Isle of Dogs, we discuss planning a trip to Pax West, planning a visit to Funko Pop headquarters, and Al discusses the time when he called in as a guest on a friends Youtube show.  We discuss this an more while Al tries to fix Evil Ray's mic.

Check out our video clip of our time at Pax East on our Adventures page:

We created a Youtube page as well!

Visit our Blah Blah Blogs section where our good friend Carissa wrote about her first experience at Pax East 2018.

NerdSporks very own Al calls in as a guest to his friends new Youtube show, Tuesdays with Ben Monster.  Al calls in around timecode 00:44:44.

NerdSpork went to Pax East 2018!

Dork The Spork S2-02:  Cassi


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