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Intro Gem!

Hello fellow Nerdsporks and Sporkettes!  Gem here opening up to you all via blog version 1.0.   This sporkette indeed has more than one side as I am a math teacher by day, nerd enthusiast all days, wife to Al, and mother of two beautiful little ones.

My interests include but are not limited to video games, super heroes, music, movies, conventions, cosplay and too many more to list!  

I’ll be sharing gems and tricks for various widgets, such as cosplay looks, schooling hacks, math bits, teaching moments, inspirations, joys, woes, food, shopping hacks, wife hacks, parenting hacks, and some motherhood hacks…

I hope you all find useful and fun gems!

Math GEM:  I graded 2776 test questions, 19% were multiple choice.  Math nerds, how many written questions did I grade?

His and Her GIft Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming...a day for boxes of candies and chocolates to fly off shelves and the cost of flowers sky rocket to the point that a bouquet of flowers can cost as much as flowers for an entire wedding!  Not knocking anyone who goes for the traditional chocolates and roses on Valentine's day as it is the thought that counts, though here a gift ideas not just for Valentine's day but for any day that you want to surprise your honey or ham!  

In addition to traditional gifts, it could be difficult to find what we deem the "perfect" gift.  A great place to start the search for your nerd would be thinkgeek.  They give shoppers  great gift ideas for guys, gals, and couples.  Its a great place to start for a variety of interests,  from video gamers to board gamers, harry potter enthusiasts to marvel fans, they are a great place to search based on your nerd's interests and hobbies.  They have a Valentine's day section with gift ideas for all!  Check  it all out here

To honor the great success that is Rogue One and for the anticipation of the Last Jedi; Star Wars fans whose love can be war and war can be love, check out Ultra Sabers!  You can order ready made light sabers or have one or more custom built!  They have display models as well as battle ready ones so whether you want one to display because it is almost as beautiful as your nerd, or you want one to fight against your nerd with, this is a great site to make those Lightsaber dreams come true!  Right now they are having a sale! 10% off all Lightsabers and free shipping over $250.  Check them out!

One last place that can get overlooked the rest of the year until the holidays, are toys stores!  Take a walk down those aisles and keep your eye out for toys from your beloved nerds childhood.   I walk down the aisle not only for my mini sporks, but for their daddy too.  TMNT, Voltron, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, Care Bears, and so many more from our childhood are still going strong into our own children's childhood.  Retro gifts tug at heart strings all year long and its amazing how things come full circle.  

In regards to checking out, for you google nerds, just in case you didn't know about this little GEM, here's a shopping FYI.  When you sign into chrome, there is a wonderful extension, Honey.. and it is a sweet extension indeed!  It automatically finds coupons and additional discounts for you and adds them to your basket at checkout.  Honey even offers you cash bonuses on different websites!  Give a try and with any extension in google, if its not sweetening up any deals for you, it's easily disabled.

Hope you find some great shopping GEMS!



DIY Gift ideas

Valentine's Day comes after you pay back the first set of bills from Christmas and the Holidays, so indeed money could be tight.  That doesn't have to prevent you from giving an elegant gift to your nerd.  Here are some frugal gift ideas to brighten your nerds day!

Here's a Gift GEM, DIY!  You can personalize a shirt with your nerd's favorite logo.  Search for an image on line and print a decent size of it on plain white paper.  Head to your local arts and crafts store.  Pick up a shirt, hoodie, or sweater, fabric paint colors for your image, two pieces of cardboard the size of a mini poster and a black sharpie.

 Drawing abilities not required, just tracing capabilities.

Take the sharpie and trace the image along the lines you want clearly seen and represented.   We want the marker to be seen on the back side of the paper.  When you can see the outline of your image on the back side, keep back side facing up.  Tape it to a cardboard surface so the paper isn't flimsy. Now and trace those lines again, this time with the fabric paint colors.   Leave the paint as thin as possible on the paper. It's important to paint on the back side of the paper so when it's time to transfer it to the shirt, it will be the right side and not backwards!

Fabric paint takes about 8-24 hours to dry so you can take your time fabric painting the outline.  

Once your done, lay your shirt, sweater, or hoodie spread on a flat surface. Place a cardboard inside the shirt so it separates the front and back of the shirt.  Sometimes the paint can run to the back of the fabric and not only make the fabric stick, but also bleed the colors through. Take your fabric paint outline paper cardboard and place it on your shirt, with the paint side on the fabric.  Press gently then lift the cardboard.  

Yes, it is supposed to look a bit smeared.  Now you can clean the lines with the fabric paint directly on the shirt!  You can add other images, or phrases! Give it overnight to dry.  Once the front is dry, you can do the same on the back, personalize it with your nerd crest or your last name.  Just make sure you keep the cardboard inside the shirt!  

My nerd loves transformers so I custom made him an Autobot shirt.  $5 for the shirt, $6 for three fabric paints, already had a sharpie, but you can pick one up for $1, had the cardboard boxes from shoe boxes, and my printed out image.  The fabric paint, sharpie, and cardboard can be reused.  When you print your image, it can be done in black in white and just reference a picture from your mobile device to verify colors.  

Total cost $12.  Actual value: Priceless!  (He wears it all the time!) 

Hoping this GEM is helpful!

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