A place to discuss all things nerdy...

A place to discuss all things NERDY.. We are a group of not so random idiots who love and live nerd culture.  You love video games, HELL we love video games!  You love movies, comics, music, sports...We love it too!

Anything that Sporks (Sparks!) your interest, we're all about it!






Episode 47: Awesome Mike!  The guys introduce their new friend, "Fighter Mike", "He-Man Mike", "Wolverine Mike", "God Mike", or just Mike.  He talks to the guys about his passion--Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, winning 1st place in the NAGA (National American Grappling Association) tournament, knocking out opponents, breaking his ankle during a match, meeting members of the Gracie family and sparing with them, as well as his training and diet regimen before a fight.  He also shows us his NAGA Championship belt!  He truly is...Awesome!





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NerdSpork went to Pax East 2018!

Dork The Spork S2-06:  hotter than hell


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