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Episode 72: Interview with AWA Art Director Stan Chou. It is with great pleasure that the guys introduce there new friend Stan Chou. Stan talks about his time in Taiwan, living in Japan, his life as a freelance illustrator, favorite anime’s, and his love of Transformers G1. Al and Stan talk about the rise and fall of Dreamwave comics. Stan provides some words of wisdom to NerdSpork Illustrator himself, Pickle Vic. Stan talks about his time as a storyboard artist for Double Take, an assistant storyboard artist for commercials as well as some movies. Stan also briefly worked on the upcoming Will Smith Netflix movie Gemini Man. Stan is currently working as an art director for AWA (Artist Writers and Artisans), which will be releasing their new Comic line Upshot Studios in spring of 2020.

Follow Stan Chou on:

instagram — ArtistStan

twitter — ArtistStan

AWA: Upshot Studios….some of their coming titles!

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Episode 70: The Candy Drop!

Dork The Spork S3-06:  Always listening?


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