A place to discuss all things nerdy...

A place to discuss all things NERDY.. We are a group of not so random idiots who love and live nerd culture.  You love video games, HELL we love video games!  You love movies, comics, music, sports...We love it too!

Anything that Sporks (Sparks!) your interest, we're all about it!





I would see this movie if it was true!!!

I would see this movie if it was true!!!

Episode 69: Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Review. The guys give their review of the last Marvel movie of 2019, Spider-man Far From Home. The guys try to explain the Spider-Man ‘thwip logic.’ They also go over the 7min extra scene in Avengers End Game, and Al gives his theory on what Sony has in store for their Spider-Man universe. The first half is SPOILER FREE.






Beer, beer and more beer! #nerdspork #beerfest #beer #beers

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NerdSpork goes to Bury The Hatchet!

Dork The Spork S3-04:  Time Travelling


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