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Episode 70: Stephanie's Treats From Japan. Flashback episode from Cinco De Mayo! Stephanie is back from Japan with stories and treats for us to try on the podcast! We learn about Stephanie’s love for Gudetama, her visit to Studio Ghibli, Team Lab Planets, the Giant Gundam statue, and when she possibly saw her first glory hole. Tipsy EvilRay is drunk and got sick at Yardhouse. PickleVic and Evil Ray go over some drunk stories with each other, and Al is surprisingly sober.

All Pics and Video for the treats can be found at

Japan Treats:

Cherry Blossom Kit Kats

Japanese Pringles

Chip Star Chocolate

Pizza Flavored Pringles

Poifell Jellybeans

Gudetama cookies

Paco Paco (giant cheese puffs)

Bourbon (bread with a little chocolate in the middle)

Paco Paco Shrimp flavored

Tahado (Chicken chips)

Newar Black Cocoa Sticks

Jelly Sticks

The Kid Phantom Thief Cookies

100000 dollar bill fish Pita bread

Little Bao

Japanese Bon Bons (Flavorless poundcake)

Splatoon Candy

Diddle for my doodle

Charlie Brown Chocolate

Grape Cubes






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Episode 70: The Candy Drop!

Dork The Spork S3-05:  The snap


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