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A place to discuss all things NERDY.. We are a group of not so random idiots who love and live nerd culture.  You love video games, HELL we love video games!  You love movies, comics, music, sports...We love it too!

Anything that Sporks (Sparks!) your interest, we're all about it!






Episode 51: New York ComicCon2018! The guys go to New York Comic Con at the Javits Center. They discuss the items they purchased, Gen’s encounter with Dean Cain, the people they met, networking with other podcasters @writerexp, and getting a chance to meet a comic book writer @supermattkelly and illustrator @ArtistStan.

Check out the Youtube clip of our time at New York Comic Con!






Beer, beer and more beer! #nerdspork #beerfest #beer #beers

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NerdSpork went to New York Comic Con 2018!

Dork The Spork S2-08:  Summer Vacation


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