A place to discuss all things nerdy...

A place to discuss all things NERDY.. We are a group of not so random idiots who love and live nerd culture.  You love video games, HELL we love video games!  You love movies, comics, music, sports...We love it too!

Anything that Sporks (Sparks!) your interest, we're all about it!





Episode 71: Star Trek Set Tour. The guys talk about their trip to Ticonderoga New York to visit the Star Trek Set Tour. They also go and visit Fort Ticonderoga, as well as discuss Spider-man leaving the MCU, and NerdSpork Manager Gen meets the Back Street Boys.






Beer, beer and more beer! #nerdspork #beerfest #beer #beers

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Episode 70: The Candy Drop!

Dork The Spork S3-06:  Always listening?


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Any resemblance to persons alive or deceased by image or story is completely coincidental..seriously this time... its coincidental..